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Planning for Every Phase of Life: Age 65+

November 21, 2016

If you’ve planned well, your 60s should begin the time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Now you may be able to indulge in hobbies or travel, enjoy your family and prepare for transferring your wealth. Some might be considering downsizing and living a more simple and enjoyable way of life. At this age, you may be thinking of:

  • Receiving distributions from your portfolio
  • Healthcare
  • Long term care planning
  • Traveling
  • Downsizing
  • Budgeting
  • Inheritance tax mitigation
  • Estate planning and distribution
  • Gifting to family
  • Preserving your capital

At this stage in life, your FAS financial advisor can help you transition into your retirement years with a plan that is in alignment with your goals.