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Notes from your navigators.


Three times a year, the FAS Team offers insights, tips and suggestions for "Navigating Life's Experiences" in your financial world. We'll share personal guidance from our firm's leadership for every phase in your life, as well as up to date news about our team, special events, and changes you need to be aware of.

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The Navigator: April 2024 (PDF)
"Six Steps to a Budget Checkup"

The Navigator: December 2023 (PDF)
"Sending You Merry Christmas Wishes!"

The Navigator: August 2023 (PDF)
"Young Adult Estate Planning: Protecting Your Child by Preparing Critical Documents"

The Navigator: April 2023 (PDF)
"SECURE Act 2.0 & QCDs"

The Navigator: December 2022 (PDF)
"Lots to Celebrate at FAS!"

The Navigator: August 2022 (PDF)
"Feeling the Squeeze: Managing Through Inflation & Market Volatility"

The Navigator: April 2022 (PDF)
"College Funding: The 411 on 529s" 

The Navigator: December 2021 (PDF)
"Wishing You the Joy of Presence" 

The Navigator: August 2021 (PDF)
"Are We Post Pandemic?" 

The Navigator: May 2021 (PDF)
"Is a Refinance the Right Recourse?" 


The Navigator: December 2020 (PDF)
"Merry Christmas from Team FAS!" 


The Navigator: July 2020 (PDF)
"The SECURE Act & Updates from the FAS Office" 


The Navigator: September 2019 (PDF)
"What is Credit and Why is it Important?"


The Navigator: April 2019 
"Smart Planning for Ages 45-60"


The Navigator: December 2018 (PDF)

"Looking forward to 2019."

The Navigator August 2018   

The Navigator: August 2018

"Strategies for Saving: Ages 30-45"


The Navigator: February 2018
"The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act"

The Navigator: November 2017

"Saluting our Veterans: A Veterans Benefit Overview"

The Navigator: July 2017

"Celebrating 40 Years"

The Navigator: April 2017

"20 Something? Don't Hope... Plan: Financial Guidance for Young People in the Foundation Building Phase of Their Lives."

The Navigator: January 2017

"New Year New Resolve: Our Outlook For 2017"

The Navigator: December 2016

"The Gifting Season: Follow These Gifting Guidelines When Planning Your Year End Charitable Donations of Gifts to Family"

The Navigator: September 2016

"Election Year Investing: How Changes in Washington Have Historically Affected Market Cycles."