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Retirement Planning Part 1 of 4: Calculating the date

Retirement Planning Part 1 of 4: Calculating the date

August 09, 2016

We all love our jobs. Our work brings us fulfillment and sustenance and takes care of the needs of our families every day. But we’d venture to guess that just about everyone is quietly looking forward to the day when the work suit can be hung up for good. We hear the question every day: “When will all my hard work pay off? When can I retire?”

In order to know for sure, some soul searching, research and planning needs to be done. Some questions only you will have the answers to.

What is “enough” for you in your retirement years? In other words, what do you envision for your future? Will you be happy and content in your current home? Are you willing to downsize to a condo? Or are you looking forward to enjoying the benefits of that second home on the beach? What is “enough” for you will determine whether retirement is right on the horizon or still a few years from reach.

Estimating the expenses that may be involved in your vision of “enough” and comparing that with what you’ve saved so far including Social Security, savings, and investment accounts will help to paint the picture of a retirement life that is acceptable to you. Everyone’s “enough” is different.

A good first step, check out these handy retirement tools and calculators. Then reach out to your FAS Financial Advisor to discuss your options in detail.