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Retirement Planning Part 2 of 4: Don’t put all of your eggs in one nest

Retirement Planning Part 2 of 4: Don’t put all of your eggs in one nest

August 11, 2016

What does your retirement nest egg hold? Smart planners put their eggs in more than one nest. Creating a well-diversified plan is a major key to ensuring your golden years are comfortable and free of unnecessary financial burdens.

So where are your eggs? Are you relying upon Social Security to support your years after retirement? The Social Security Administration estimates current payments for all retired workers at only $1,341 per month, which doesn’t go a long way toward replacing income. Are you banking on your 401(k)? Employee sponsored retirement plans are a great tool for saving and even growing funds depending on your asset allocation, but your money is taxed as income when you begin to take withdrawals at age 59 ½. How do you keep your savings working for you throughout your golden years?

By spreading your retirement savings into diversified investment accounts that allocate your assets for growth according to your future needs, the eggs in your retirement nests might not only last longer, but also have more security and growth potential than the single nest plans of yesteryear. Creating a portfolio that factors in your risk capacity, your non-portfolio income sources like Social Security, pensions or fixed annuities and your non-retirement goals such as leaving assets behind for children, grandchildren, or charity helps create a strategic path for you to follow.

Your FAS Financial Advisor can help you determine what the best strategy might be for you based on the plan you have for your future.