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WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? FAS Client Betty Cabaniss Shares Her Story

WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? FAS Client Betty Cabaniss Shares Her Story

July 29, 2017

WHAT’S ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? It’s one of our favorite questions to ask our clients. 

This month we are featuring Betty Cabaniss’ answer. Betty retired in April from Reid Hospital after 37 years as a nurse. Just a few weeks later she was flying to Japan with her sister Treasea. Betty’s mother Matsuju is from Japan. She is now 91 years young and lives in Boise. Betty’s mother met her father Joe while he was serving in the Army, stationed in Japan after the war. They married in 1951. Betty grew up listening to stories her mother would tell of family, experiences, and places that were important to her as a child. This trip was all about seeing those places such as the family cemetery and meeting family members for the first time. They visited Kyoto, Atami, Hakone,Tokyo and Saitama, where Betty’s mother was born. The trip presented the opportunity to meet her aunt, uncle, and many cousins for the first time and experience the local culture. It was very satisfying to connect to family members she had never met but more importantly to be able to share stories and pictures with her mother who has not been back to Japan since the 1980’s.  

Betty lives with husband Terry in Eaton, Ohio. Terry served in the Army as well from 1967 to 1971 as a helicopter crew chief. They have two sons Paul and Phillip, and daughter Rachel Focht who followed in her mother’s footsteps as a nurse.  

Betty and her sister are already planing their next big adventure. This trip will be to visit where Treasea and other sister Paddie were born while their family stationed in France during their father’s military career. Congratulations Betty on your retirement and may you have many more exciting trips ahead!